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A goddess through and through! I have a insatiable foot fetish and when I saw Mistress Vidian’s feet, via her IG page, I knew that I would do anything to earn a spot at her heels. First, I approached her about simply paying for her pedicure to show that I was serious about taking care of her feet. She approved. She even let me pick out the shade of polish and sent a few photos of the pedicure and photos after. From there I didn’t want to waste anytime getting underneath those perfect toes. I followed up by inquiring about a foot fetish session. She got back to my quickly and put me on her books. When I arrived and saw her in those knee high boots I was already putty in her! I was so eager to get my hands and mouth on them that I could hardly contain my excitement, but Vidian calmed me down and assured me that I would get where I wanted to be once I earned it. After all, we had 90 minutes to play. To keep it short and sweet; I did what I was told...I worshipped her boots, cleaned them completely with my tongue and was eventually allowed to unzip them slowly which exposed her feet perfectly wrapped up in fishnets and again..I started to get eager. She reminded me that I needed to take my time and really engulf myself in the experience one step at a time. She was right! I centered myself and started enjoying her perfect feet in those fishnets. She allowed me to kiss and rub up to her knee and with each gentle kiss I melted. Eventually she took off her fishnets and instructed me to lay down on the floor face up and she placed both her soles on my face and I just huffed in the scent. Wow...even writing this is diving me crazy. To conclude, her feet are perfect! The perfect size, the perfect smell and she knows what a foot fetishist wants...she works those feet so well. Seriously, the best foot session I’ve had in a very, very long time. I drove all the way from Frostburg to see her and I can’t wait to be able to do it again. 

-Eagerfoodsub. March 2021


I’m addicted to V! I had my first session about 6 weeks ago and I could not wait to get back in her space. I was floating when I left her Kent Island dungeon. It was a perfect setting for my first pro-session in about 2 years. I felt welcome and at ease once we discussed, in person, what I was hoping to achieve during my session. From the moment I reached out to her she was attentive and easy to talk to. It can be very intimating to meet a Domme...especially one as beautiful as her, but I’m so glad I reached out to her and booked my first session. Yesterday, I found myself back in her care and again - I was in bliss. She is the best Domme I’ve ever been to. From head to toe she excites me, she keeps me guessing and she take great care and pride in her profession. Dommes like her are hard to find these days! Trust me, Ive been doing sessions for about 20 years. Ive seen many Dommes and women who called themselves “dommes”, but V is different and in the best way possible. I’m already day dreaming of my next session with her. I’m eager to submit completely and I long to be hers and only hers from now on. 

-Sub Sal. March 2021


I have been seeing Mistress Vidian for about 6 months now and I just can not get enough of her. She is everything right about a pro domme. Each time I see her it’s an adventure. My time with her seems to fly by since I’m am in such a state of euphoria. My senses are overloaded and all I can think about is pleasing my Mistress. I want to be her perfect sub and take everything that she has in store for me. My boundaries are pushed and I love the way she encourages me to be open and honest during our play time. She is the only domme for me. 

- Loyal sub, Nov 2020


It's been some time since I’ve had a pro session. I saw Mistress Vidian’s website and immediately knew that I wanted to submit to her. She was quick to reply to emails and set me up with a session the following week. I was nervous, but knew if I just booked the session that I would have to follow through. I'm so glad I did. From the moment I laid eyes on her - I wanted to be on my knees...crawling. I did not deserve to stand around her. Her presence alone commands submission. She led me to her very well equipped, clean and organized dungeon. The panic set in a bit the moment I saw what was behind that unassuming door. I sat down, she stood, and we had a brief chat about what I was hoping to experience all while knowing it was ultimately up to her and what she thought I deserved to experience. After our chat - she lit the candles and told me to undress and to be waiting on my knees - she would return momentarily. My stomach was crawling with anxiety and excitement. I could not believe I actually sent the email, made the drive and was on my knees waiting for this goddess to dominate me.

The 2 hours nearly flew by as I was taken to a place of pure domination and punishment. She asked me if there were any reasons why I deserve the punishment I was receiving, I began to tell her about my indiscretions, almost unconsciously. As they were coming out of my mouth a whack would follow - a well deserved whack. I felt such relief! We explored some basic corporal punishment and Misress also pushed my limits, respectfully, I was more than happy to do and take whatever she wanted me to. Again, I didn't feel like I even deserved to be in her presence never mind take up two hours of her time.

At the end of the session she performed aftercare which I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED FROM ANY OTHER DOMME I'VE SEEN IN THE PAST. I never realized how important a bit of aftercare from your dominate could be after a heavy impact session. Mistress was soft, smelled amazing and gently touched my back as I laid my head on her knees. I felt complete! All of my anxiety melted away, if only for a few hours. Mistress Vidian is the real deal Domme! She is kind and cruel at the same time - she's punishment, pain and pleasure. And she’s gorgeous in person - physically yes, but also in just about every other way! I look forward to serving her again.

-Pro session July 2020


"I had the pleasure of having a session with Mistress Vidian last evening. I have nothing but good to speak about her. not once did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe during our session. She is very attentive to her subs during the session and I was able to experience a couple of new things without ever feeling uncomfortable or anything of that nature. she is very good about checking in mid session without interrupting what's going on to make sure everything is still ok.

from our initial contact I could tell that Mistress Vidian had a genuine interest in getting to know her subs which speaks volumes to me amidst all the other so called domme's that flood pages with ads. not trying to trash talk the other real ones, but there is just a ton of people who say they are a domme, but in reality they just bark orders and like taking money from people who don't know any better without a care for their mental wellbeing which can do indescribable amounts of damage mentally.

Words cant describe how safe and comfortable I felt having a session with Mistress Vidian, she also hung around after we were finished and made sure that I had some water and did as much as she was able to as far as aftercare goes, I did not feel like I was deserted or anything like that when we were finished. we talked about the session, what I did and didn't like, how I was feeling currently. I didn't keep track but we stayed on cam for a decent amount of time after we were finished, which was a first for me and it made a world of difference as far as how I felt mentally."

- Sub from 4/2020


I walked up to the very non distinct building with butterfly's in my stomach in a flurry of what was to come I messaged the lovely dark haired Vixen letting her know that I had arrived. She sweetly walks up to the door to let me in with a lovely smile upon her face. As I enter she ask if I have been here before and I respond with a No and she is like really well then I shall have o give you a tour with the light down low and soft music in the background I am lead from room to room and I feel like a kid in a candy store.

The energy in me is building quickly as I am stunned by what is all around me. As I am lead into the room that we are to use for our time here I am asked if I have had a scene of this type before and I reply not in a long while and then I am asked to undress and kneel as I am waiting for her return my body is going through phase of warm and cold I can see the goose bumps forming on my skin when she returns I am asked to greet her properly by kissing her feet and I fall into line very quickly as I am being inspected she explains that I this will be very different then anything I have experienced before .

I am then placed in collar wrist and ankle cuffs and made to lie down on my stomach for a warm up. She then starts to run her hands over my body like a painter running a brush over a canvas with the first strokes smack right across the middle of my ass back to running her nails now down my body then another smack and the words I am being nice she the runs her hands down my legs to my feet where she discovered I am ticklish and that produces a very large smile from her so after I am all warmed up she sits me up and has me close my eyes and tells me I have a surprise I open my eyes to darkness as I am told I love blindfolds they are a lot of fun .

I am then trying to figure out from feelings and sensations what is happening to me cause I can not see I then hear the sound of metal on me and I understand I have clamps on different parts of my body as I am slowly being beaten to greater and greater extents on my ass and back as well as my legs I then start to kinda bliss out till the pain and the threshold became to much to bear so then as I kinda come back down. I am warmed up again and tickled at the same time I then stand up and am moved to a lovely cross after having a drink of water as I am chained up I am told now comes the harder stuff I am beat over and over again with different instruments but the one used on me that stands out the most is what I call a stun baton it was very lovely and scary to feel the pulse run down my body and feel the skin tighten up I then am taken to higher and higher levels of pain and pleasure I am then pinched with clothes pins all over my body and told to stand strait and very still as the y are smacked off both sides of my chest then as I am released and almost fall the ground as I have the blindfold removed I realize how bright the world can be.

I am kneeling yet again trying to contain myself she speaks of one more scene to be had by me. I then am asked if I like rope as I am lead over to very a very scary chair and I am sat down my arms are tied litteraly to hooks in the wall and my legs are spread apart and she says I now wish to see what can be done with the front of your body I am then beaten and caressed and tickled and scratched all over then come the stun baton over and over on different parts of my body as I go from pain to pleasure the climax builds over and over till the end after the shocks have me in tears.

I come out of the room two hours later dressed sitting at her feet knowing that the feelings will last forever.

-Sub via


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